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Met Éireann extends Status Yellow high temperature warning nationwide as hot spell continues

Met Éireann has extended its Status Yellow high temperature warning nationwide from tomorrow as the country is set for highs of 30C forecast.

he alert, covering all of Leinster and Munster from noon today and covering the country as a whole from noon tomorrow, is valid until 6am on Sunday.

The forecaster said it will be very warm or hot on Thursday, Friday and Saturday with maximum temperatures generally of 27C to 29C.

The warm conditions may result in heat stress, especially for the more vulnerable of the population. There is also a high Solar UV index along with a risk of water-related incidents.

It will be warm at night with temperatures generally staying above 15C. Daytime temperatures may not be as high in coastal areas due to sea breezes.

Met Éireann said it will continue hot into the weekend with temperatures returning closer to average on Monday.

Heavy showers are possible on Sunday, and they are also likely in the early days of next week.

Pockets of fog will clear this morning for a dry and sunny day, some fog may linger near northeastern coasts.

Today will be a very warm, dry and sunny day with very little winds, although sea breezes will develop this afternoon.

Highest temperatures will generally range between 24C to 29C, but likely to reach 30C in localized parts of Leinster and Munster.

It will be a little cooler towards the coastline, particularly in Connacht and west Ulster.

It will be mild tonight with temperatures generally not falling below 10C to 15C and staying above 16C or 17C in some areas.

Just light breezes overnight, allowing some pockets of mist or fog to form again. Otherwise, it will be a dry and clear night.

Friday will be a hot and sunny day with the highest temperatures generally ranging between 25C to 30C, possibly reaching the low 30s in a few inland spots of Leinster or Munster.

It won’t be as warm near coasts, with sea breezes developing in the afternoon. Winds will be light elsewhere with a chance of fog lingering in some coastal areas as well.

Friday night will be dry and clear but staying rather warm in some parts overnight with lowest temperatures ranging from 13C to 17C. Patches of mist or fog will form in light breezes.

Saturday will be hot, dry and sunny again, with a light northeast breeze.

Highest temperatures will range between 26C to 30C, possibly exceeding 30C in a few inland spots, there is a slight chance of an isolated shower developing too.

It will be a warm night with temperatures not falling below 15C to 18C in most areas. It will be largely clear with a little cloud in parts, and light breezes.

Sunday is expected to start dry and sunny, however cloud may build in some areas during the day, bringing possible heavy showers or thundery downpours to parts.

It will be very warm with light winds, highs in the mid to high twenties. Sunday night will be rather warm and muggy with possible showers.

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