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Mila Kunis Revealed Her Kids Are Literally Following in Their Dad Ashton Kutcher’s Footsteps with This New Hobby

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Finding new things to do with our kids is such a joy. Sure, we don’t mind playing with their toys or doing the same puzzles over and over again — but when our children decide to pursue one of our favorite hobbies, it’s like winning the lottery! Finally, a chance to do what we love and bond with our kids at the same time. Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher’s kids Wyatt, 8, and Dimitri, 5, have recently taken up one of their dad’s passions, and the story is so cute.

Until told PEOPLE at the Family Guy 400th episode celebration this week that their kids are “going to start” running like Kutcher. “They want to run a 5K and today he started training our kids to run. They did a half-mile run today. It’s very cute.” They are literally following in his footsteps!

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Kutcher ran in the 2022 New York City Marathon on Nov. 6, where he finished at an impressive 3 hours, 54 minutes, and one second. He shared his results on Instagram, writing, “My work here is done. Thank you to everyone who supported this effort. We hit our goals on all fronts and will use this momentum to generate progress in the fight for children. #thorn”

He trained for months with a virtual Peloton series, while raising more than $1 million on behalf of his charity THORN, which fights child sexual abuse.

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The Luckiest Girl Alive star praised her husband’s efforts.

“He nailed it,” she told PEOPLE. “He did awesome. It’s amazing for kids to watch their parents go through it, because it’s not easy. It takes a toll on your body, and so our kids got to see him overcome all of this. It was very cool.”

The actress added that she will not be joining her family in this new hobby. “I can lie and be like, ‘Absolutely!'” she said. “But I’m not.”

The tight-knit family has made some interesting parenting choices throughout the years, like having an open-door policy in the bathroom.

“It’s just one of those where, for better or for worse, as a family and the kids have all kind of embodied bodily function as a very standard norm.” Until you came E! News in September. Adding that after her kids knocked so many times while she was in the bathroom, she decided, “Oh, forget it. Just keep the door open.”

But they always have fun together. The Vengeance star told PEOPLE in July that the family just got back from a fun road trip.

“I have the best time with my kids,” Kutcher said. “If I never had to send them back that would be my preference.”

“We just went cruising in a van to the national parks around the country,” Kutcher said. “Just hanging out with our kids 24/7 and it was phenomenal. But then you got to work, too.”

At least now they have a new activity they can do together after school and work — one that gives mom a little downtime!

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