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MPorium at Marist hosted its Fall Fest for everyone on campus to enjoy. — MARIST CIRCLE

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MPorium at Marist celebrated autumn and fashion with Fall Fest, located outside of the Steel Plant. On Nov. 9, students flooded the bright white tents for some shopping, feasted on fare from a Farmers and Chefs’ food truck and chit-chatted with students and alumni.

Victoria Rapisarda ’23, a member of MPorium’s Events team, has been looking forward to this event since starting the process of bringing it to life nearly two months ago. “This has been a big work in progress for months and months,” said Rapisarda.

She highlighted Fall Fest as the first real event MPorium has been able to hold since the limitations of COVID-19. This being her first full academic year on campus, and as a senior nonetheless, Rapisarda expressed great anticipation for the event.

Member of MPorium’s Store Operations team Emma Mathes ’25 could not contain her excitement when the special day finally arrived. “Honestly, it feels like a big relief right now and so good to kind of come back to a normal life,” said Mathes.

For the MPorium team, it was a universal experience of the tireless work these students had to put in to make this event a reality for the campus.

“I’d be lying if I said it was easy. It definitely comes down to a lot of time management and balance and having such a good support system too,” said Mathes.

With multiple vendors attending Fall Fest, Jake Deluca ’23 was on his toes for a good portion of the event. Students flooded his Vast Vintage table to rake through the vintage clothing he had to offer. The hot spot of his collection was the bin full of various shirts for $10 each.

“I’m very nostalgic when it comes to movies, stuff I watched growing up, stuff I listened to growing up, so that’s why I collect,” said Deluca.

As an accounting major with no affiliation to the fashion program or MPorium, Deluca found selling clothes as the perfect side hustle he never expected. “It’s just something that keeps me interested and motivated,” Deluca said.

Among the vendors present were Marist alumni who made their way back to campus with their small businesses. Gina Mellish ’20 and Peyton Jackson ’19 gushed about being back at their alma mater to showcase what they’ve done after graduating.

“I love Marist so much so any excuse to come back is great,” said Jackson.

Jackson’s Dyed by Pey table was cascaded in tie-dye clothing from loungewear to matching workout sets. Some of the clothing was a collaboration with the vendor right across from her, BYKRIS, founded by Kristen Romano ’20.

Gina Mellish ’20 displayed her eye-catching jewelry from Gina The Brand. Diamonds and gold, the pieces were subtle and elegant to put with any outfit.

“I married the pageant world with my edgy style,” Mellish said. Having been Miss New Jersey in 2020, Mellish expanded her inspiration into a jewelry business that was deeply rooted in her time with the pageant world. She never expected to have her own business, but Mellish shared her deep love for this opportunity.

Mellish described having her own business as, “the best feeling ever.” “Nothing better than making your own money,” said Mellish. She recognizes the pressure she faces having her own business, but adores the fact that it’s her creation and lets her creativity be shown to buyers.

MPorium’s Fall Fest was a hit among the Marist community, bringing together the student body and alumni. With the fall semester trudging closer to its end and the spring semester right ahead, one can only wonder what new and exciting events the MPorium team has up their sleeve.

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