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New Airdrie resident wants to help others with hard jobs –

New Airdronian, Kelly Bartley, is spending her free time helping those who need help with household tasks that might just be too hard to do. It all started when she was living in Edmonton, she needed something to do with her spare time.

“I take requests from seniors or people who are either mentally or physically just unable to do these tasks. I can help with cleaning, laundry, deep cleaning, gardening, shoveling and things like that.”

So far, she has had a few people reach out looking for her service, a service that she does not charge for as she just wants to help the community she is living in.

For Bartley, when she had undiagnosed anxiety and ADHD it was tough for her to bring herself to do the everyday household tasks, but one thing she realized once she was diagnosed, is that having a clean space was one of the best things that made her feel better.

“I did a lot of organization jobs; organizing someone’s closet, organizing someone’s kitchen. [it was a] just a small step that gets them where they want to be. Then it grew from there to pretty much any task that they don’t have anyone to help with.”

She knows once these tasks are done it will make them feel better. The last thing you want to be is somewhere that makes you feel worse when you walk in, she explained. One thing she does ask is not to be taken advantage of.

“My only rule is if you have someone else that can do it, maybe pass along my service to the next person. I really try to aim toward helping people that just don’t have anyone else to help or no one else that can help them. I want to make sure that it’s going to people that need it most.”

One fond memory Bartley has was when she was living back in Edmonton and was helping out an elderly lady with cleaning. She was having such a fun time talking with her while cleaning, it didn’t even feel like she was cleaning and it went by super fast.

In her free time other than cleaning, Bartley enjoys playing video games and making crafts.

If you are interested in contacting Bartley about cleaning, her email is [email protected]

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