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New firefighter online education program for Richmond students

Online safety program videos and activity booklets are being offered to Kindergarten and Grade 1 classes.

Richmond Fire-Rescue (RFR) has launched a new online fire safety education program for young children in the Richmond School District.

The RFR Fire Safety Program is the first of its kind online-format program in British Columbia, according to Kylie MacDonald, fire and life safety educator with RFR.

This program, which launched in early January, offers online videos and activity books for Kindergarten and Grade 1 classes at Richmond schools.

Throughout the safety program, students learn about smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, home escape plans, 911 emergency calls and more.

“The online platform makes it easier for teachers to use in their classrooms,” said MacDonald.

“Classrooms can take what they’ve learned from the videos and apply it to a class activity to show that they’ve actually retained the information.”

While the program is only being offered to the Richmond School District at this time, it may potentially be expanded into other districts in the future, explained MacDonald.

“This is just step one of many more online education programs so we’re super excited for the upcoming years.”

Six Richmond elementary schools and 11 classrooms took part in a pilot test of the program between October and December 2022.

When asked if the online education program will replace in-person visits from the Richmond Fire-Rescue department, MacDonald said it will not.

Once classes complete their online videos and booklets, firefighters will visit the school in a firetruck for photos and live demonstrations.

Richmond schools can start signing up for the program on the RFR website.

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