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New skills tuition center opens in Telford

The Skills Tuition Center is providing a number of courses for Telford residents

Organizers at the center wanted to provide courses and skills that are currently lacking in the area, such as Driving Theory Test Preparation, Urdu Language, and Makaton Language, thus opening up greater job opportunities and making Telford an educational hub.

The courses are also joined by English, ESOL, maths, SATs preparation, 11+ preparation, GCSE preparation and nursing.

The center aims to use these bespoke courses to provide upskilling to the local people, thus increasing confidence, furthering experience and improving knowledge.

The courses are provided in one-on-one, group, face-to-face, and online sessions to ensure accessibility for all.

Skills Tuition Center founders, Aliya and Imran Hussain, said: “Our center solves many issues for the local Telford people. For example, the face-to-face driving theory test is just one of our fundamental courses which will provide a big opportunity to learners who require support, perhaps due to language barriers or ability needs.

“With this course, we aim to provide learners with the confidence, knowledge and skills they need to pass their theory test, thus improving their chances of finding work, social-economic health and even mental health.”

Aliya said: “My vision is that the people of Telford should be able to live in a town but get the education facilities of a city. I was born and bred in Telford, and Skills Tuition Center was also launched here, so we will always have the needs of the local community at heart.

“We understand our community’s needs and values ​​for high-quality education. Skills Tuition Center has sophisticated assessments and provides interactive sessions designed to fill in learning gaps. Our goal is to upskill our students in a people-focused way.

“Parents are also never asked to mark work in their free time. Students get no less than the full 60 minutes, and we believe in old school, back to the whiteboard education with fully taught sessions. We also provide writing books and more at no extra cost.

“Skills Tuition Center aims to work with local youth clubs, support local schools and deliver government-funded courses, remaining people-focused, determined, and ethically motivated to accelerate our students’ academic success.

“Our goal is to introduce a well-perceived way of learning that boosts retention, encourages participation, and elevates your confidence. We will also be keen to work with our local hospitals to deliver Makaton sessions, which we believe will streamline communication and save lives .”

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