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On Metümnyo, Yimkhiung community urged to make positive contributions to Naga society | MorungExpress

The Yimkhiung community in various parts of Nagaland celebrated Metümnyo, the premier festival of the community on August 8. (DIPR Photo)

Our Correspondent
Kohima | August 8

In the state capital Kohima, the Yimkhiung Union Kohima celebrated the premier festival of the community at the official residence of S Keoshu Yimkhiung, Advisor for IPR & Village Guards, Government of Nagaland with H Haiying, Advisor for Prisons, Printing & Stationery as the special guest.

H Haiying, speaking at the occasion, urged the Yimkhiung community to be good decision-makers in every sphere of life to enjoy the fruits of hard work, and also to be thankful. He appealed to the Yimkhiung community to make more positive contributions to Naga society.

He also urged the community to carry forward the festival by promoting the cultural practices of the forefathers by loving each other with respect.

“During the festival, one should forgive the past mistake if any, as the festivals are the time to forget and forgive one another and renew the bond of love,” he said.

Keoshu said that ‘Metümnyo,’ the premier festival of Yimkhiung is celebrated from August 1 to 8 every year after the harvest of millet.

It is a festival of reconciliation, forgiveness and building strong bonds between brothers and neighbors, he said.

He encouraged each and every individual to preserve and acknowledge the proper and authentic history of their culture and tradition while educating and spreading awareness to the younger generation to keep their legacy alive.

Earlier, A Akum, president YUK delivered welcome address while Advocate K. Lotan highlighted the significance of Metymnyo.

The festival was marked by various cultural activities.

According to a DIPR report, people of Shamator district celebrated the festival with DC Thsuvisie Phoji as the special guest and Yanba Showuba as the host at the Local Ground, Shamator.

The Festival was organized by Thüneo (Festival) Committee Shamator Town, and President YTC, S Throngso invoked the festival blessings and delivered the Medümnyo greetings, it said.

The DIPR also informed that Kuthur Village celebrated Metymnyo with Zungkum Chang as the special guest.

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