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Plumber Explains Why He Charges Up To £3k Per Job

Getting the professionals in for renovation work at home can be a costly job, but sometimes DIY just isn’t an option.

Yet homeowners might need to be prepared to dig deep for a good new bathroom according to Scottish plumber and TikTok user Fraser Hoehle.

The Scottish plumber has spoken out on his TikTok account to answer questions about plumbing, bathrooms and labour. One follower asked: “Hi frazer [sic] could you help me out. When you quote a bathroom what percentage of the quote is for the bathroom suite”.

Hoehle broke it down, and the costs aren’t cheap.

The Scot explained: “I’m not gonna lie, for a half decent suite nowadays you’re probably looking at between £2,500 to £3,500 for the suite. £2,500 for the plumbing labor including VAT, tiling labor could be about £1,000 to £1,200 including the VAT and joiner labor could be about £300 to £400. Then we’ve got sundries like your plasterboard, pipe work, materials, adhesive.

“Then you’ve got your electrical labor. If you’re doing LEDs and nice lights it all adds up. You could be a thousand pounds nearly. The next thing you know your bathroom is nearly at nine or 10 grand.”

Hoehle regularly answers questions and shares insights into his day to day plumbing business on his TikTok. Credit: TikTok/@fraserhoehle

Fraser runs NRG Plumbing and Heating in Denny, Stirlingshire, and he explained that there’s much more to a full bathroom renovation than you might think: “There’s a lot more involved than just turning up, doing your job and f*****g off home. Bear in mind with me charging £2,500 that’s me and an apprentice for four to five days.

“I need to design the job and correlate with the clients on stuff like that.

“I’ve got to organize the work, survey the work, organize the materials, organize the tiler, the painter, plasterer. The whole job, sort the details.”

Hoehle’s transparency around costs has not gone down too well with TikTok users, with many rushing in to criticize his costs and fees.

One user jibed: “What’s wrong with a £260 bathroom suite from B and Q. I only wash in it and don’t need a full body massage.”

Hoehle has explained why a good bathroom can easily see costs mount up.  Credit: TikTok/@fraserhoehle
Hoehle has explained why a good bathroom can easily see costs mount up. Credit: TikTok/@fraserhoehle

“You’re not getting any jobs with them prices that’s expensive,” said another.

“Going to cost me about 3500 to 4000 for my bathroom close to ten grand is far to expensive,” shared a third.

Another joked: “you need to stop getting your materials from harrods mate.”

However, some defended Hoehle and his costs. One user commented: “all these people that can do it cheaper. well done. go do it yourself then. nobody is forcing people to use fraser.”

Another user argued that he’d been able to sort his own bathroom himself, writing: “cost me £3500 for all materials, done everything myself. it’s not rocket science.”

However one savvy user pointed out: “You are correct, it’s not rocket science, but now if anything goes wrong you’re not covered by your home insurance because you aren’t certified.”

Probably best to leave it to the professionals like Fraser!


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