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Princess Amalia won’t join Amsterdam student society after sexist remarks – Royal Central

Princess Catharina-Amalia has no plans to join the Amsterdam Student Society when she begins her university studies in the capital city this autumn following public outcry over comments made by male members of the Amsterdamsch Studenten Corps.

The Netherlands government press office, which is responsible for releasing official information on the Dutch Royal Family, confirmed that Princess Amalia will not join the ASC/AVSC (the Amsterdam Student Corps and the women’s branch, the Amsterdamsche Vrouwen Studenten Vereeniging) after a video began circulating of comments made by male students that referred to women in derogatory terms.

The government office, often referred to as the RVD (Rijksvoorlichtingsdienst, or in English, Government Information Service), did not offer up a specific reason as to why Princess Amalia has declined to join the Amsterdam Student Society, just confirming that she would not be a member.

The chair of the ASC/AVSC, Heleen Vos announced her intentions to resign her post after the controversial comments came to public attention, saying, “As rector, I cannot and will no longer continue to take responsibility for incidents and behavior of members that exceed my personal limit.”

The student society was already under fire for hazing rituals related to new society members.

The Netherlands Times notes that as Princess Amalia plans to study in the capital city, her joining that society was practically a given. The future queen had admitted in her official biography, Amaliathat she planned to join a student society when she went to university like her father had.

Princess Amalia will study at the University of Amsterdam from this autumn. The Dutch Royal House announced the news in the spring with this statement: “The Princess of Orange will start in September with the bachelor’s degree in Politics, Psychology, Law and Economics (PPLE) at the University of Amsterdam.

“The study has an application and selection procedure, which the Princess of Orange went through in its entirety last year. She will live in Amsterdam in September. The Princess’s study time is considered private.”

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