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Profits of non-financial corporations up

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Gross profits before taxes consist of the gross operating surplus, the profits of foreign subsidiaries and the other profits. Gross operating surplus amounted to 46.8 billion euros in Q2 2022, up from 43.5 billion euros one year previously. Received non-product related subsidies were 3.4 billion euros lower, because non-financial corporations received fewer coronavirus-related subsidies. The gross operating surplus excluding subsidies was 6.6 billion euros higher than in Q2 2021. Especially energy companies, aviation, travel agencies, temporary employment agencies and accommodation services reported higher profits.

In Q2 2022, profits from foreign subsidiaries were 6.6 billion euros up on Q2 2021. Especially the petrochemical manufacturing industry received higher profits from subsidiaries. The other profits were 1.4 billion euros lower than one year previously. This is the result of higher payments to the government related to natural gas extraction. Domestic dividend revenues were higher than in Q2 2021. Both interest revenues and interest payments were somewhat lower.