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Recruitment agency to hire through Metaverse

Abu Dhabi: The recruitment agency Marc Ellis became the first recruitment firm to transition into the Metaverse in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Marc Ellis will offer the first-of-its-kind Metaverse Training Academy – where users can join courses conducted within the Metaverse – from anywhere in the world.

Photo: Screengrab/Metaverse youtube video

This is in line with the proposed Metaverse Strategy introduced in July by Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, to support the generation of 40,000 jobs and contribute $4 billion to Dubai’s economy within 5 years.

MS Education Academy
Photo: Screengrab/Metaverse youtube video

“There are currently more than 400 million active metaverse global users, giving us a huge potential of candidate pool that isn’t easily accessible using traditional methods,” Marc Ellis Director Aws Ismail said.

According to Marc Ellis, recruiters will have greater access to candidates as the company anticipates that more users will continue to shift to the digital space where they can apply for jobs in a more secure and interactive manner. this has been facilitated due to the security and privacy offered by blockchain operations and immersive technologies that can be used to complement their interactions on the metaverse.

Photo: Screengrab/Metaverse from youtube video

Marc Ellis has already developed a complete and independent office space with the latest metaverse technology, to start the transformation of employment-based practices in the UAE to digital space.

The agency also plans to interview candidates on the metaverse using virtual reality and metaverse-based office spaces.


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