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Registration Process at UK Licensed Online Casinos

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Let’s go through the process of opening a new account at UK licensed casinos.

Enter your login and password

No one can play for real money at an online casino. Before doing so, the user must go through a certain set of steps. The first thing to do is to create a personal account with a UKGC licensed casino. Firstly, this will allow you to become a full participant in the gambling life in the casino of your choice. Secondly, you go under the protection of the regulator. The latter plays an important role, as the chances of being treated badly by the operator are reduced by several times.

The regulator does not impose any requirements on the registration form. This is left to the discretion of the playground administration. Some operators prioritize quick registration, others more extensive, but each has two mandatory items: Login and Password. They can be used to log in to the casino website in the future.

The login essentially means your name is on the playground. The username you come up with can be anything you want. The easiest way is to use your real email address, but you can also use your name. For example, in ongoing tournaments, it is displayed on the tournament table. It is obligatory to remember your login. For ease of memory, you can use the same login name on different sites. This can become your brand. It will also be harder for you to forget it. While a password can be recovered in a matter of minutes with the help of chat room experts, a username is more problematic.

A password is a set of letters, numbers and symbols. Do not include your date of birth or relatives, telephone number, your name or the names of pets or relatives. The more complex the combination, the better your protection against being hacked by third parties. Another recommendation for your password is not to repeat the same password on different websites. If one account is compromised, fraudsters will not be able to access the other accounts.

Most players have accounts on more than one site at the same time. To save access to your accounts, purchase a notebook. In it, write down all your login details. This will make it easier for you to find your password when you forget it. Losing your password is a very common problem. It is quite easy to deal with. Click on the login button, then on the question ‘Forgot your password? Then enter the Email you used to register. You’ll receive an email with instructions on how to update your password. Follow it. In the future, you can both use a new password and make up another one.

Verify your identity

The UKGC is the strongest advocate of the players’ interests. In return, it also imposes serious requirements on them. One of them is mandatory proof of identity.

By the way, click here to learn that not all gambling operators are following this rule.

Every online casino with a United Kingdom license has to adhere to the established rules of the jurisdiction. They are often quite harsh on operators and require them to completely exclude from the gambling sphere persons who are contraindicated to play in casinos – addicts, minors, cheaters, etc. To do so, the casino is obliged to take all measures to help identify and exclude them.

Under the KYC program, casinos may be required to provide proof of age or the age at which online gambling is allowed in the user’s country before the first deposit is made. Incidentally, it is noticed that the standards used by the UKGC are being adopted a little later by other serious jurisdictions. Be prepared to prove your identity with a set of documents:

  • Identity document (passport, driving license)
  • Proof of residence. The residential address must match the one on the account (a utility bill with the player’s name on it will do)
  • Proof that the account belongs to you personally (bank statement or scan of an E-Wallet account)
  • Proof of age (selfies of the player with his passport).

In addition to the above, be prepared to be required to provide several other documents. Until you provide them, the withdrawal will be suspended.

Be ready to send the source of funds proof if needed

Proof of income sources is sometimes surprising to clients. It is an important jurisdictional requirement. It is designed to exclude from the casino those who try to launder money through its account. With the help of such a document, the gambling club evaluates the user’s income and expenses. If the deposited funds do not match the income, the administration may require the customer to prove the legitimacy of the funds. This can be a bank statement for employed and retired people, as well as documents confirming the receipt of an inheritance or money from the sale of the property.

It was the UKGC that pioneered this procedure. It has now been adopted by the MGA. The rule requires each operator to provide the regulator with details of when and how often the administration checks on its customers. While seemingly difficult, proving the source of funds is a very simple procedure. Yes, it takes some time, but it allows you to play without any restrictions in the future. If you are a responsible player with an honest income, you have nothing to fear. This is just one of the verification stages. It is worth it to ensure that your interests are safeguarded.

Be ready to send proof that you can afford gambling

Another category of user that the UKGC struggles with is dependency. Every international jurisdiction fights them in one way or another, but the strictest rules are still enforced by the United Kingdom government authorities. This is a very correct decision. Unfortunately, it only exists in this country. If similar measures were taken in other jurisdictions, there would be dozens of times fewer problematic players.

As part of this check, you must honestly state at registration that you have never been diagnosed as a gambling addict. You must also confirm that you do not have any mental health problems. If the operator suspects deception on your part, be prepared to provide references to back up your claims. If fraud is detected, the account will be permanently blocked and all deposits will be refunded.

To avoid these difficulties, a company has been set up in the UK to support addicted players. On its website, Gamstop, there is a special program that can be used to limit their visits to online casinos. By entering their name, the player bans themselves from all UK gambling clubs for a certain time. This is a great preventive solution for those who can’t stop after registering at a casino.

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