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Schoolies Caught Selling Wrist Bands Online

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Police have busted a number of year 12 students selling their Schoolies wrist bands in a serious breach of security on the Gold Coast.

The bands which are issued to year 12 students with ID, have been sold on Facebook marketplace and Schoolies community groups.

Some of the bands are being sold for over $200.

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The bands allow the 2022 school leavers to access the Schoolies Hub on the Surfers Paradise beachfront.

Police are concerned the sale of the Schoolies wrist bands could result in ‘Toolies’ – older people – attending Schoolies celebrations.

Other Schoolies attendees have also been caught trying to sell tickets to other events at their hotels including pool parties.

So far the police have arrested 67 people with a total of 87 charges at this year’s Schoolies event.

According to the police, at least 18 of these people were 2022 school leavers while the rest are believed to have been adults.

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