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Staples employee brags about ‘princess’ treatment on TikTok: ‘Healthy work environment’

Working at Staples doesn’t sound bad at all. Sometimes, the best gigs are the most unexpected ones.

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With millions of Americans fleeing their unsatisfying jobs in a phenomenon dubbed the “Great Resignation,” it’s rare to hear from someone who loves their job. It’s even more shocking when that job is in retail — a much-lampooned field.

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However, one brave TikToker has dared to say what few can admit in this cultural climate: Working at Staples is actually pretty sweet. After applying spontaneously, user @yeimytinoco is singing the praises of her job at the office supply chain.

“Y’all are missing out on working at Staples,” she wrote in the video caption. “At Staples, I stand for 8 hours at a register doing nothing most of the time.

“Target is right next door and the baristas know me already. My coworkers listen to me rant about my life. My managers treat me like a princess because I’m the youngest one.”

People shared their feelings about working at the store.

“Healthy work environment I thought those were a myth,” a user wrote.

“I worked at staples for almost a year and I loved it! Easy job even when you have a truck. Only reason I left is because they wouldn’t give me full time,” someone commented.

“Sigh I miss working there did nothing for hourssssss and got paid good,” a person added.

“I left Staples 2 days ago without a 2 week because they refused to give me days off for doctors appt and school,” a TikToker replied.

“Jobs that require me to do nothing bore me. I want to be busy with stuff and it makes time go by fast!” another said.

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