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Steps To Check Your Itr Refund Status Online

By Anshul IST (Published)


ITR filing: After filing ITR, you can check the status to see if the Income Tax Department has accepted and processed the return.

The Income Tax (IT) Department allows taxpayers to claim any excess payment of tax by filing an income tax return (ITR). Eligible taxpayers can check the status of tax refund online through the e-filing website — or via the e-governance website of National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL) –

Here are the steps to check ITR refund status online via tax website:

Step 1:

Log on to the account using your user ID (PAN) and password on the e-filing website

Step 2: Select ‘Income tax returns’ and then click on ‘View Filed returns’.

Step 3: Now, check the latest ITR filed

Step 4: Select the ‘View Details’ option and it will show the status of the ITR filed. One can navigate to the ‘Status of Tax Refunds’ tab. A message will pop up, giving the mode of payment, a reference number, status and date of refund.

In order to check income tax status through the website, users can enter their Permanent Account Number (PAN) and select the relevant assessment year. The status will be reflected.

The ‘Refund paid’ status is also reflected in the ‘Tax Credit Statements’ in Form 26AS.

Depending on the option exercised by the assessee while filing the annual ITR, the refund is made either through electronic mode ie direct credit to account or through a refund cheque.

What are the different types of ITR refund status?

Processed: This is the status when the return is successfully processed.

Submitted and pending for e-verification/verification: This is the status when the taxpayer has filed the ITR but not e-verified it, or the duly signed ITR-V has not been received at CPC yet.

Successfully e-verified/verified: This is the status when the taxpayer has submitted and duly e-verified/verified the return, but the return has not been processed yet.

Defective: This is the status where the department notices some defect in the filed return.

Expired: This status means that the refund has not been presented for payment within the validity period of 90 days. The taxpayer, in this case, may raise a refund re-issue request.

In case the return was filed electronically – the refund reissue request may be raised online by logging into the e-filing portal with the user ID and password.

The Income Tax (IT) Department had allowed taxpayers to claim any excess tax payment for the financial year 2021-22 by filing an income tax return by July 31, 2021, without any penalty. Those who failed to do this can file a belated return now with a certain penalty.


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