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Steve Jobs News: Steve Jobs’s response to a fan seeking autograph in 1983 letter is winning the Internet

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Leaders, regardless of their field of expertise, are admired for the virtues that make them stand out from the crowd. Their admirable qualities make their unique personalities that inspire millions. Perhaps, this is the reason that people cling to the words, thoughts, and memories of great men and women.

In 1983, a man in the US wrote to the late American business magnate Steve Jobs with a request that most of us can relate to. Jobs was hailed as a leader with a clear vision, passion for his company and people, and most importantly his ability to inspire trust in others.

The man in his letter requested the co-founder of Apple for an autograph. To the man’s dismay, Jobs typed a letter in response saying that he does not sign autographs. Interestingly, in the letter Jobs wrote his name in lower case letters – ‘steve jobs’.

The letter that recently surfaced on the Internet has been making waves. A user on Twitter, @stem_feed, shared the letter with the caption, “In 1983, Steve Jobs typed this reply to a letter asking for his autograph.” The tweet went viral quickly and garnered over 35K likes and 2K retweets.

The letter has May 11, 1983, written on the top right and is addressed to an individual known as LN Varon who was a resident of Imperial Beach in California, US. The letter also shows the vintage Apple letterhead. In his response, Jobs wrote, ‘I’m honored that you’d write, but I’m afraid I don’t sign autographs.’

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Reportedly, the late Apple founder was known to be declining such requests in person and through the mail. However, his response to Varon seems to have charmed netizens. The letter was auctioned in August 2021 for USD 479,939 (about Rs 3.92 cr).

Jobs who founded Apple died on October 5, 2011, due to pancreatic cancer. He was credited for being instrumental in revolutionizing consumer technology. As a leader, Jobs was known for his meticulous eye for detail, creative awareness and penchant for surrounding himself with like-minded people.


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