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Thanksgiving one of the busiest times for veterinarians and plumbers

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Veterinarians and plumbers say Thanksgiving is one of their busiest times of the year. Here are some tips to avoid problems in the kitchen and the kennel.

Pet safety

Keeping your pets healthy during the holidays

While you may want to share your Thanksgiving feast with your four-legged friends, proceed with caution.

Dr. Ryan Dunning with Countryside Animal Hospital says they’ll see a lot of dogs over the next month or so dealing with stomach issues because they’ve eaten something new that doesn’t sit right with them.

While all dogs are different, he says, for the most part, plain veggies, plain sweet potatoes or a lean, white piece of turkey should be safe to feed them in moderation. Avoid giving them high-fat foods like mashed potatoes. No ham or poultry bones, because they have sharp edges and can crack teeth, and no stuffing, especially because they may have raisins and those are toxic to dogs.

Dunning says to make sure the food is in moderation and keep an eye on where you’re placing your portion so it’s not within reach.

“Typical would be a dog that gets into the trash after Thanksgiving or gets up on the table and snatches half the turkey or stuffing or whatever it may be,” Dunning said. “So it’s the overindulgence that can lead to significant problems most of the time.”

Avoid plumbing problems

Plumbing don’ts on Thanksgiving

But it’s not just veterinarians that tend to be busy around Thanksgiving — plumbers are too.

Steve Herzog with Diamondback Plumbing says eggshells, potato skins, and rice do the most damage when they’re put down the garbage disposal.

He recommends scraping everything into the trash can and if you need to use the garbage disposal, get hot water running first before turning it on. He says you’ll know right away if something is broken.

“You’ll go to kick it on and it won’t run and you’ll hear a little hum… and then boom it’ll pop the little breaker underneath the disposal and then the humming sound is gone and now you got nothing at all, you won’t hear anything,” Herzog said.

Herzog says there’s a reset button at the bottom of your garbage disposal, so try pressing that if something doesn’t sound right. If that doesn’t work, you may need to call in the professionals for help.

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