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The best Black Friday telescope deals

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Gifting someone a new hobby is one of the easiest—and most meaningful—presents you can give during the holidays. Stargazing happens to be an incredibly interesting pastime because planets, stars, and space are objectively super cool. These Black Friday telescope deals make it easy for you to become the next Copernicus or give to a budding Gallileo.

Remember, Black Friday is now in full effect, so the best deals will go quickly. If you see something you want, jump on it now and don’t hesitate. Prices, like the sun, will rise.

Celestron FirstScope Tabletop Telescope $59.98 (was $71.95)

This sub-$100 telescope is great for those looking for an entry-level telescope. It rests on a Dobsonian-style stand with a 76mm reflector optical tube, and is easy to store, transport, and set up. Plus, it’s portable and lightweight for stargazing on the go. To use it, move the optical tube in the direction of the celestial body in the night sky you’d like to see. It also makes for a jazzy addition to a bookshelf or home office.

Gosky 12×50 Monocular Telescope $95.19 (was $118.59)

If stars aren’t your thing and you’d rather observe what lands in your backyard, this monocular telescope is for you. A 12x magnification, 50mm lens, and a wide field of view lets you see mourning doves in the trees or a pesky squirrel at the bird feeder. It’s also waterproof and fogproof thanks to argon purging, and a rubber body prevents breakage from rogue falls.

PopSci x Celestron StarSense Explorer DX 100AZ $299.98 (Was $349.95)

Take stargazing into the modern age. This telescope is compatible with the StarSense Explorer app (available in the App Store and Google Play), which gives you a guided tour of the sky. You don’t even have to have experience with a telescope to get the most out of using it—simply follow the arrows on-screen to find the real-time location of stars, constellations, planets, faint deep sky objects, and more. When the bullseye turns green, you can view your discovery in the DX 100AZ’s eyepiece. Thanks to the manual altazimuth mount with dual-axis slow-motion controls, you can smoothly look at the sky without missing a nebula.

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