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The latest COVID-19 case numbers from the states and territories

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Here’s a quick wrap of each Australian jurisdiction’s latest COVID-19 statistics for the past week, as reported on Friday, September 23, 2022.

The states and territories are now reporting their COVID-19 statistics weekly, instead of through the daily updates that were provided from the early days of the pandemic.

This story will be updated throughout the day, so if you don’t see your state or territory check back later.

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New South Wales

NSW reported 69 COVID-19 deaths in the week to 4pm on Thursday.

There are 1,176 people with the virus in hospital, with 24 in intensive care.

There were 14,170 new cases recorded over the past week.


Victoria is reporting its COVID deaths as a seven-day rolling average. It reported 11 lives lost on average each day over the week to 4pm on Thursday, for an approximate total of 80.

The state also reported 10,360 new coronavirus cases.

There are currently 169 people with the virus in Victorian hospitals, with eight of those people in ICU.

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Mutations in the COVID-19 virus continue to pose a risk.

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