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There is no such thing as secrecy and privacy online

Privacy online is a funny thing. You may think you have it, but you don’t, especially on social media. Every so often, I see a meme flash by as I’m scrolling, stating Facebook is changing their rules and that your posts and images will no longer be “yours.”

Of course, that’s all baloney. You gave up that “right” when you agreed to their user agreement and made your first post. Nor is there a presumption of privacy. You gave up that “right” as well in the user agreement. Nothing you post on any social media website or application is private, including posts in a direct messaging application.

A couple of years ago, I read an article on a website I follow. The intent of the article was to compare and contrast the social media activities of far-right and far-left political groups. In the article, there was a story of a New York City attorney who became so incensed about a Facebook post that she filed an injunction against another person with whom she was friends with on Facebook.

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