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Toronto bar pays $6,000 to unclog pipes filled with gigantic squirrel’s nest made of walnuts

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One Toronto Irish pub learned the hard way that squirrels are very menacing and can cause quite a lot of damage to property.

After weeks of plumbing issues, out-of-order bathrooms and the anxiety of overflowing backwash, one west-end bar can blame a very determined squirrel instead of their old pipes.

Whelan’s Gate near High Park said that after hiring multiple plumbers and spending around $6,000 to remedy plumbing problems, a gigantic squirrel’s nest made up of walnuts, socks and other rodent-friendly items was identified as the problem.

“We thought our old pipes finally gave out but the culprit?? A squirrel’s nest deep in our pipes.”

Squirrels’ nests (dreys or dens) are typically made of collected items like twigs and leaves (and socks). But because they are so darn annoying, they often make their homes in attics, walls, and apparently pipes.

“Six-thousand dollars for plumbers (well deserved) and a dozen wall holes we discovered..a nest made of several walnuts, a sock and other unidentified objects. Apparently they missed the memo that only toilet paper should go through pipes.”

So how did this rambunctious rodent rack up thousands of dollars in damages?

According to the bar, it appears the rat cousin dropped “things down the sewer vent stack up on our roof – the walnuts, etc. in an effort to make this nest.”

Thankfully Whelan’s pipes are now de-nested and guests can comfortably use the bathroom without worrying about trivia night.

So if you see a squirrel near Whelan’s, a staple in the Bloor West neighborhood since 1992, please shoo it off.


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