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UK weather forecast: Heatwave triggers four-day ‘extreme heat’ warning from Met Office

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The Met Office has issued a four-day extreme heat warning as the UK braces itself for soaring temperatures this week.

The new amber alert – which runs from Thursday to Sunday – warned scorching temperatures are likely to impact vulnerable people’s health.

The wider population could be affected by sunburn, dehydration and nausea among other heat-related illnesses, the Met Office said.

The forecast of a fresh heatwave – which comes just weeks after the record-breaking one in July – has also triggered a heat health warning from the UK Health Security Agency.

There have also been warnings about fires, with the Met Office issuing its top “exceptional” alert level for how severe a fire could become if one were to start.

The Met Office said temperatures were expected to soar and hit the mid-30s by the end of the week, with a possible top temperature of 36C on Saturday.


UKHSA extends heat health warning

The heat health warning has also been extended by another day.

“With high temperatures now forecast to last throughout the weekend, UKHSA has extended the current heat health alert,” the government agency says.

“The alert is now in place from noon Tuesday 9 August until 11pm Sunday 14 August.”


UKHSA heat health warning now in place

A heat-health alert urging the elderly and vulnerable to prepare for soaring temperatures has come into effect for all regions of England as large parts of the UK brace for another heatwave.

Saphora Smithour climate correspondent, reports:


Advice for pet owners

The British Veterinary Association has also told pet owners to take extra care to protect their animals in the extreme heat.

“Animals need extra care during the summer to keep them safe from heat-related illnesses such as heatstroke, heart conditions, breathing difficulties and sunburn, many of which can sadly be fatal,” Dr. Justine Shotton, its president, said.

“Make sure animals have access to fresh drinking water, good ventilation and shade from direct sunlight at all times.”

She said dogs especially can “overheat easily”, so owners should avoid walking them in the hottest part of the day or leaving them inside hot cars or conservatories.

“Keep an eye out for early signs of heatstroke, such as heavy panting, drooling, restlessness, and lack of coordination and contact a vet immediately in case you have any concerns,” Dr. Shotton added.


National Highways advice in extreme heat

National Highways has issued advice to drivers in light of the extreme heat warning.

“It is always very important to plan ahead for your journey and this advice remains the same during periods of hot weather,” Jeremy Phillips, its head of road safety, said.

“When hot weather is forecast, please remember to take plenty of drinking water with you – enough for you and your passengers.”

He added: “We also advise everyone should check their vehicles, such as tires, coolant and oil levels, before heading out.”


‘Lots of sunshine’ in the afternoon

This afternoon looks set to be a hot one for much of the country, according to the Met Office’s latest forecast:


What is the situation in Europe?

It is not just the UK experiencing sweltering temperatures.

Spain experienced its hottest month on record in July, according to the World Meteorological Organization:

Harry Cockburnour environment correspondent, has also reported on heatwaves and droughts sweeping through Europe:


Temperatures to rise ‘day-on-day’ this week, Met Office says

Dan Rudman from the Met Office has spoken about the new heat warning.

The deputy chief meteorologist says:

“Thanks to persistent high pressure over the UK, temperatures will be rising day-on-day through this week and an extreme heat warning has been issued.

“Temperatures are expected to peak at 35C on Friday and Saturday, or even an isolated 36C on Saturday. Elsewhere will see temperatures widely into the high 20s and low 30s C.

“Coupled with the high daytime temperatures there will be some warm nights, with temperatures expected not to drop below the low 20s C for some areas in the south.”


What does the extreme heat warning mean?

Here are some of the Met Office’s warnings over the extreme heat forecast:

  • Adverse health effects are likely to be experienced by those vulnerable to extreme heat
  • The wider population are likely to experience some adverse health effects including sunburn, heat exhaustion, and other heat related illnesses
  • More people are likely to visit coastal areas, lakes, rivers and other beauty spots leading to an increased risk of water safety and fire-related incidents
  • Delays to travel are possible, with potential for welfare issues for those who experience prolonged delays

When and where is the extreme heat warning for?

Here is more detail from the Met Office on its new amber warning for extreme heat:


‘Please be sensible. Please help us,’ says the fire service

Another fire service has urged the public to “be sensible” to help it cope during the next heatwave:

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