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Ultimate Plumbing Signs That You Need To Call A Plumber

Band-aid solutions offered on the internet can temporarily relieve your plumbing problems, but how do you know when to call a professional? Read below to know.

While many signs indicate that you need a plumber, some are more obvious than others. We’ve collected a list of warning signs that should send you dialing for a plumber.

  1. Slowly Draining

If you love taking long showers, you would probably start worrying if you notice the water is draining so slowly, and it takes around five minutes for the water level to decrease.

Well, one thing is sure, you are having issues with your drainage. Something may be blocking the drainage, causing clogging. You can try some of the do-it-yourself solutions that you can find on the internet, but if none of those work, the only thing you can do is call in for backup.

Professional plumbers are trained to use particular tools that can dislodge any things that may cause the clogging of your drainage. They know just about the right amount of pressure to exert and the kind of tool they can use.

Mains Plumbers has licensed plumbers and plumbing equipment that can handle your plumbing needs.

  1. There is little to no water pressure.

You are already enjoying your shower, and come the time to wash off all the soap and shampoo lather, but it’s taking you more than it usually takes to rinse them off. If you feel like you are starting to grow gills, and yet there is still a lot that you need to clean; you might be having a water pressure problem.

It is highly possible that there could be a blockage in the aerator, and something is stopping the water from fully flowing. We don’t recommend poking into the holes to loosen the blockage as it could make things from bad to worse!

Although some simple and doable plumbing hacks can work, they can only provide a temporary solution. If the same problem recurs, you should call local plumbing near you. This kind of plumbing issue requires a thorough investigation of the internal workings of your plumbing system.

  1. Back-flow issues

Back-flow is probably one drainage issue that you would immediately require a plumber: we recommend you to call someone with experience in fixing this issue to avoid sullying your home furnishings with sewer water (yikes!). Yes, sewer water.

Any back-flow issue involves water that has already entered your plumbing system.

The common cause of back-flow is a drop in the water pressure. A drop in water pressure can trigger the reversal of the natural downward flow of your plumbing system and instead move upwards. An experienced plumber can close the main water valve and address the issue in no time.

  1. Unavailability of Water (assuming you paid your bills!)

Imagine, you’re in the middle of showering and you have soap all over your body – so what happens when the water stops flowing? This is a catastrophe we don’t want to experience!

For a quick fix: call a plumber immediately!

  1. The water is not heating up.

A warm shower is best after an exhausting day. Unfortunately, a failed water heater would prevent this happening.

Observe your water heater if it takes longer than it usually does to heat water, then the next step is to let your local plumbers handle the situation. And also, try to call an HVAC Technician. The two should work together to check on your water heater and fix it from the root cause for long-term results.

  1. Burst Pipes

Pipes are prone to bursting during the cold season. The water inside the pipes freezes and it can cause some damage to the interior of the pipe, causing it to burst.

Your local plumbers can locate any of the pipes that are affected. We recommend you to invest in a plumbing inspection about every two years to spot possible issues as early as possible to prevent major pipe damages. This should save you a good amount of $ in the long run.

  1. Installation of new appliances

If you plan on installing appliances that require the use of water, eg, washing machine, bath tub, toilet, and so on. We recommend you do it with a plumber’s assistance.

You may be able to do it without assistance from anyone, but the installation process involves more complicated matters than you could imagine.

  1. Soggy basement

Do you hate the rainy season because your basement keeps getting wet? This can potentially cause a health risk issue if not addressed immediately.

Maybe it is the weather or faulty insulation or weatherproofing, but in most cases, soggy basements and leaky pipes are the main cause.

Plumbers can quickly locate the origin of the leakage and can help you address the issue immediately.

  1. Drip…drip…drip

A dripping faucet adds to your expenses. We recon some parts of your plumbing system may need a little tightening. But sometimes, it is because of a crack in a pipe or an incorrectly installed pipe parts.

You can try fixing it on your own, but if nothing else works, you should know who to call.

Do-it-your-own tutorials on the internet may provide band-aid solutions to your plumbing problems, but they are not built to last. Eventually, the same problem will recur, leaving you with an even bigger mess than it initially was.

About Mains Plumbers

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