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Use Dremel’s 200 2-speed Rotary Tool Kit for your hobbies at 2022 low of $33 (Save 40%)

Amazon is currently offering the Dremel 200 2-speed Mini Rotary Tool with one attachment and 21 accessories for $33.18 shipped. Normally going for $55, this 40% discount marks a return to the 2022 low price we’ve seen for this tool kit. This setup is centered around the Dremel 200, a 2-speed rotary tool with its two settings being either 15,000 or 35,000 RPM with a simple switch to go between the two. The cool-running sealed ball bearing will lead to a longer tool lifespan as debris cannot get into it to junk it up while also creating quieter operation. The singular attachment here will help guide your cuts as you go along a part with the accessories ranging from cutting discs to sanding wheels for doing most basic DIY projects including polishing your fine work. Keep reading below.

While this kit will come with everything you need to get started, it is still worth picking up some extra accessories as they are bound to break over time. Dremel has its 130-piece Maker Rotary Tool Accessory Kit for $20 and it comes with a variety of cutting and drill bits alongside sanding, grinding, and buffing wheels. You’ll also have plenty of replacement cutting discs, sanding drums, and other expendables. Included is a little storage compartment for keeping all the bits and bobs organized here because the last thing you’d want is to misplace gear that you’ll then have to go out and buy.

While this rotary tool is not battery-powered, picking up rechargeable batteries is a great way to reduce your impact on the environment. We’re currently tracking a deal on the Panasonic eneloop pro Rechargeable Battery Power Pack at the 2022 low price of $50.50. Alongside the charger itself, you’re looking at eight AA and two AAA batteries, each of which can be recharged thousands of times and hold 2,550 or 950mAh charges, respectively.

Dremel 200 2-speed Rotary Tool Kit features:

The Dremel 200 Series rotary tool offers the precision and control required to complete a wide range of projects. Its two speed settings allow you to use the low speed setting for cleaning applications and using brush accessories and the high speed setting for routing, cutting and sanding applications.

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