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Vaibhav Raj Gupta: Connected to his craft

Art of Creating: Vaibhav Raj Gupta


BEING an introvert didn’t stop Vaibhav Raj Gupta from pursuing acting. Connecting strongly with the craft has enabled him to explore characters, emotions, and limitless ways of expressing himself. Today he balances poetry recitals with acclaimed acting projects such as terrific TV serials Gullak give May.

Eastern Eye caught up with the rising star to find out more about his interests
acting journey, Gullak success and creative inspirations.

How much of a turning point was a hit drama series Gullak?
Although I did a lot of work before, my acting journey started from Gullak. I got a lot of recognition, validation, respect, and fans after that. Now people are taking me seriously as an actor. All the things I really wanted are happening because of Gullak. I’ve gone from asking people to give me a chance to get projects. I’ve tasted that little success and it’s beautiful.

Why do you think Gullak what so loved?
I think it’s loved because of the writing, characters, and storyline. It also has a very relatable subject matter, which connected strongly with audiences. It’s all thanks to the producers, director, writer, and whole creative team of Gullak. The success is beautiful because we have put so much hard work into it. It’s my favorite show as an actor and audience.

What has been your favorite moment of the Gullak trip?
My favorite part was my younger brother Amrit Raj Gupta directing Gullak season one and me acting with him. We were just happy to have done a big journey to reach there and work together. It was emotional for me. I have learned so much from him. We both understand each other in a different way now.

What can we expect from season four?
I do not have any idea about it, but I am sure there will be a season four, and it will once again have beautiful writing.

What was the experience of acting in May?
May was very challenging for various reasons and particularly tough because there was hardly any dialogue, yet I had to convey emotions. I loved the script, my character, and the beautiful journey I took with May. I was a little scared because it was the biggest show I had done in terms of production, but I trusted myself. I experienced and learned so much from Mai. I am glad that people loved me as Shankar.

What is your dream role?
I have many dream roles and want to do them all. I want to play a dark character
and perhaps a well-written antagonist. I want to do everything from a scary killer to a romantic hero. I am doing something which is very close to my dream role and am happy about that.

What do you enjoy watching as an audience?
I watch everything from The Office that Peaky Blinders. I enjoy comedy, drama, thrillers, documentaries, horror, and pretty much everything else, depending on my mood, whether it is a web series or cinema.

What inspires you?
Life and everything in it inspires me. Art and the desire to create something for society drives me. I just love creating things, whether it’s in front of the camera or my everyday life. I find creativity in everything and get inspired by it. Learning something new as often as possible is also really inspiring. I love that I get inspiration from everywhere.

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