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Weather: Invercargill records coldest day of the year

Taylor Hislop scrapes ice off her windscreen on Wednesday morning in Invercargill.

John Hawkins/Stuff

Taylor Hislop scrapes ice off her windscreen on Wednesday morning in Invercargill.

Invercargill residents woke up to the coldest day of the year on Wednesday, and more icy weather is expected on Thursday.

The Metservice website showed it was -4.7 at 7am in Invercargill, while Gore plummeted to -4.5 overnight and it reached -5.7 at Lumsden.

Metservice meteorologist Karl Loots said the -4.7 reading in Invercargill was the coldest on record this year, but the record for the city was -9.1 in July 1996.

The record for the month of August was set in 1966, when it reached -8.

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He said more frosts were predicted for Thursday morning, but they would not be as severe.

“We have a weak front coming through overnight tonight [Wednesday] which will bring some rain around sunset, but then it clears again. The minimum temperature for tomorrow is still pretty low but not as low as this morning, it will be about -3,” he said.

Chris Atkinson, of Atkinson Plumbing in Invercargill, said he had a couple of calls from people who had no water on Wednesday morning.

“I don’t know whether it’s been bad enough to split pipes,” he said.

“We had a few earlier on in the winter but nothing today, we’ve had years where it’s been much worse.”

In Gore, Blair Sheddan, of Bill Sheddan Plumbing, said he hadn’t had any callouts either, but was expecting some later in the day.

“When the thaw happens, that’s when people start noticing leaks – their pipe has split or the hot water cylinder is leaking, that kind of thing,” he said.

“In my experience it usually takes three to four good hard frosts in a row before things start to happen. One or two like this and it’s usually pretty quiet, so maybe later in the week.”

Police said no crashes were reported on Wednesday morning in Southland, and all flights to and from Invercargill were on schedule.

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