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West Jefferson property transfers for July 22-28, 2022. See a list of home and other sales | Home/Garden

Below is a compilation of properties sold in West Jefferson Parish from July 22-28, 2022. Data is compiled from public records.


Transfers for July 22-28


Becky Drive 165: Miguel E. Benitez and Maria A. Benitez to Miguel A. Benitez, $157,000.

Blanche Drive 137: Dlux Homes II LLC to Jose Hernandez, $169,000.

Glen Della Drive 355: Brandon Brown to Bryson M. Simmons, $220,000.

Rosalie Drive 165: Brenda AP Champagne to Parish Property Investment Group LLC, $35,000.

Ruth Drive 808: Salvador P. Soleto Jr. and Mary D. Soleto to Katherine Allen, $21,428.04.


8th St. 237: Linda Zeringue, Diana Burgess, Dianna Noverola, Cindy Burgess, Walter R. Burgess III and Angel J. Burgess to Joe Cammareri, $20,000.


Cheniere Caminada subdivision, lot 19, square B: Lisa S. Hester to William L. Everett Jr., $58,000.

Cheramies Landing condo, unit 46: Warren Singer and Jodie B. Singer to Ronald D. McArthur and Carolyn A. McArthur, $100,000.

LA 1 1959, No. 18, unit 106: Michael G. Mixon and Pamela B. Mixon to Duncan-Simoneaux Investment Property LLC, $35,000.

LA 1 2397: KAWW LLC to Triple Ridge Property Solutions LLC, $265,000.

Iris Lane 165: Bradley W. Minter and Sandra L. Minter to John E. Sontheimer, $235,000.

Ocean Park subdivision, lot 11, square G: Fallynne A. Jeansonne to Laura S. Dixon and Miles J. Dixon, $50,000.

Park Drive 112: Howard W. Hartgrove Sr., Alisha MW Hartgrove and Howard W. Hartgrove to John L. Honeycutt and Lana MV Honeycutt, $70,000.

Pirates Cover Marina Dock O, unit 66: FLM Holdings LP to MT Barrett LLC, $60,000.


Alexander Court 1633: Daniel Nguyen and Thuan T. Nguyen to Sidney J. Bazley III and Chantal Bazley, $80,000.

Alison St. 1472: Todd Grosch and Michelle W. Grosch to Heraclio Aviles, $245,000.

Burmaster St. 1201: Harriet P. Singleton and John L. Walker Jr. to City of Gretna, $1,008,250.

511 Dunbar Place: Rocket Mortgage LLC and Quicken Loans Inc. to Bliss Homes LLC, $92,588.

Emerson St. 2169: Michael W. Paisley and Tara H. Paisley to HBGNO LLC, $150,000.

Hero Drive 2112: Guillermo Garcia and Maria A. Garcia to Kimberly KO Vu and Elisa Thong, $115,000.

Kepler St. 1208: Scott E. Nichols to TPK Real Property Group LLC, $170,625.

Lake Lynn Drive 3604: Janet AB Brewster to Ashraf A. Awadalla, $360,500.

Mason Ave. 76: Triumph Trading LLC to Maple Avenue Investments LLC, $1.

Oakdale subdivision, lot 37, square 45: City of Gretna to Kokopelli Group LLC, $46,304.50.

Oakwood Drive 604: Lawrence N. Johnson to Ovidio FF Banegas, $230,000.

Oxford Place 2326: Norma J. Preston to Gloria L. Preston, $100,000.

Park Village subdivision, lot 39A: Ferdinand J. Villavaso III and Carolyn CC Villavaso to 2500 Huey P. Long Ave. LLC, donation.

Rose Park Addition subdivision, lot 8, square L: Triumph Trading LLC to Ziad Rentals LLC, $1.

Rupp St. 927: William B. Shano III to Freeman Homes LLC, $120,000.

Southwood Drive 304: Mayra R. Romero to Miguel J. Lomax, $310,000.

Stafford St. 2421: Marlayna Alvarado to Angela Alvarado, donation.

Stonebridge Drive 1415: Tommie Lou Popich Qualified Personal Residence Trust, Aurora P. Daigle, Alana P. Yuratich and Richard A. Popich to Emmet A. Collins, $582,000.

Stumpf Blvd. 2100: Barbara N. Gregoire to Kevin Ryan, $170,000.

Virgil St. 1200: Kevin P. Gourgis Sr. and Alex J. Gourgis Jr. to Jennifer G. Edwards, $10,000.

Wall Blvd. 692: Khoi Q. Nhan and Ngan KT Nhan to Amy Tran, $187,000.

Whitney Ave. 1019: Linda E. Thio to Squarian Investments LLC, $110,000.

Willowbook Drive 212: Jennifer RP Kenney to Wai M. Ku, $225,000.

Woodberry Lane 8: Two Twenty Two Publications & Distributing LLC to Ziad Rentals LLC, $1.


Ann Louise St. 23: Edward R. Caldwell to Tyrienisha D. Smith, $155,000.

Bayou Oaks Drive 1921: Kathleen Serafin and Michael L. Lawless to Quviona Walker and Marshall J. Sanford, donation.

Eastview Drive 2521: Manuel C. Barthelemy to Terry J. Lemon and Bertha S. Lemon, $182,000.

Lake Lynn Drive 3: Shelia D. Matthews to Nedra KH Rodgers, $332,000.

Lake Providence Drive 3716: Modern Realty Development LLC to Mohammed A. Jamhour, Khawlah A. Jamhour and Nasim Jamhour, $537,000.

Marion Ave. 522: Robin R. Osborne and Gary S. Osborne to Brandon M. Godfrey and Alyssa H. Godfrey, $77,000.

Marvin Court 1021: Salem Development LLC to Michael Zacharie and Mary H. Zacharie, $249,000.

N. Friendship Drive 2216: Peter Ly to Letrinh TT Ly, donation.

Pailet Ave. 1904: John L. Holmes and Denise N. Duhone to Cash Investors Inc., $64,000.

Redwood Drive 1364: Rian A. Palmisano to Charles Kennedy, $196,000.

Redwood Drive 1392: Conrad J. Schexnayder Sr. and Marion R. Schexnayder to Joseph G. Pusateri and Rebecca A. Mears, $195,000.

Redwood Drive 1629: Hoang Mai, Lisa T. Mai, Van Nguyen and Hien Nguyen to Harvin AR Gutierrez, $185,000.

South New Orleans subdivision, lot 43, square 82: Robert M. Pourciau and Kim P. Kim to Southern Landpro LLC, $5,000.

South New Orleans subdivision, lot 9, square 82: Robert M. Pourciau and Kim P. Kim to Southern Landpro LLC, donation.

Terraza Del Sur 51: Anthony M. Palmisano to Candace DW Johnson and Diamond A. Profit, $264,000.

Timber Ridge subdivision, lot 47, square A: Ram J. Properties LLC to Justin J. Beardon, $333,500.


Jean Lafitte Blvd. 1999: Shirley P. Guillie to Ronald L. Granneman, $42,000.

Jean Lafitte Blvd. 5832: Mary G. Clark to Timothy J. Rivers, $100,000.

Marvis Grove, part lot 1: Fleming Plantation Nevada LLC to Timothy A. Danos and Pamela B. Danos, $49,840.


Acadiana Trace 2653: JBL Properties Ltd to Thomas C. Savoie and Kim M. Savoie, $355,000.

August Lane 6228: Mangle LT Wilson to Secretary of Housing & Urban Development, $190,000.

Avenue A 1412: Brett J. Guarino to Baili M. Sagnibene, $235,000.

Avenue A 658: Angela G. Thomas, Alisa G. Pennino, Nicole Allemore, Joshua R. Allemore and Steven J. Allemore to JRG Investments LLC, $40,000.

Avenue B 510: Shannon M. Runnels to Joshua D. Plaisance and Taylor EB Melancon, $177,500.

Avenue E 1228: Mariann R. Germany to Pearl M. Wyman, $199,000.

Avenue J 433: Andrew K. Merriman and Briana LP Merriman to Jene B. Session, $255,000.

Avenue J 522: Danny J. Volion and Holly R. Volion to Christopher Johnston, $430,000.

Bayou Des Familles Drive 4408: Shane L. Camus and Rebecca DB Camus to Greyhisha E. Lewis, $170,000.

Buccola Ave. 1744: Rachel M. Phillips to Vi BT Dang, $82,000.

Candlelight Drive 1049: Whitney J. Plaisance Jr. to Merary Y. Plaisance, donation.

Faith Drive 5436: Micah Kirch to Felicity C. Brown, $177,500.

439 Farrington Drive: Thomas H. Creason Sr. and Rose D. Creason to Lawanda A. Gibson, $185,000.

Green Briar Drive 2812: DSLD Homes LLC to Julius G. Burrell and Danica IC Burrell, $280,380.

Highland Meadows Drive 2605: Charles M. Desalvo and Gayle P. Desalvo to Talisha CC Gray, $230,000.

Highland Meadows, no further data: Lenny J. Cardenal and Kelly Cardenal to Jefferson Parish, $9,712.

Jimmy Dean Drive 2728: Caridad G. Bartolome to Shane M. McCormick and Merlin J. Seminary Jr., $50,000.

Marrero Addition subdivision, lot 10A, square 8: Leslie Homes Inc. to JAB Land LLC, $230,000.

Michael St. 1128: Dwayne A. Badeaux to Tiara Walker, $179,000.

Mount Revarb Court 5176: Brent E. Coussou and Paula L. Coussou to Ezekiel Lewis, $196,000.

Peregrine Circle 2200: Bon Builders LLC to Tuong Nguyen and Dung Nguyen, $230,000.

Ranch Acres Extension, no further data: Edwin Cooper Sr. and Patrice Cooper to Jefferson Parish, $6,585.

Richland Drive 5129: Joann E. Lemoine, Keith F. Estopinal and Gary J. Estopinal to Craig J. Estopinal, donation.

Silver Lilly Lane 504: Mortgage Assets Management Series I Trust and PHH Mortgage Corp. to Cascade Funding Mortgage Trust HB5, $133,000.

Sunrise Acres subdivision, lot 20: Paris AH Collins, Sydel MH Wischan and Marcel LH ​​Morales to Makhan Singh, $235,000.

3416 Tambour Drive: Jules A. Zeller Jr. to Kory J. Victoriano, $204,900.

Taravella Road 5232: Richard K. Melancon and Gina D. Melancon to Argonaut Rentals LLC, $550,000.

Westwood Drive 468-70: Cy D. Trosclair Sr., Stacy R. Trosclair and Corey LJ Scott to Nicholas Settoon and Pamela Settoon, $120,000.

Westwood Drive 468-70: Marquito SB Lane to Cy D. Trosclair Sr., Stacy R. Trosclair and Corey LJ Scott, $60,000.


Hermes Place 761: Christopher F. Williams to Sherry L. Turner and Sue A. Boudreaux, $286,000.

Terrytown 7. subdivision, lot 11, square 118: Frank N. Andersen and Kay RK Andersen to Brian Wingerter, $293,000.

Terrytown 8. subdivision, lot 32, square 153: Lurline RS Drury, Donald A. Drury, Gregory G. Drury, David J. Drury, Stephen J. Drury, Mary D. Steel and Patricia D. Sissac to Kailan L. Steel, $150,000.


Sweet Pea Lane 224: Shannon J. Walker to Jasmine Jasper, donation.

Winfred St. 28: Wesley E. Tero to Patrick Tero, donation.


Aster Lane 125: Ashley P. Vallian and Ellis M. Rome to Ellis M. Rome and Ashley PV Rome, donation.

Avenue D 1060: Lauren Layman to Leandro R. Rodriguez and Mireya L. Rodriguez, $169,000.

Bishop Drive 173: Marion Wright to Bervin L. Wright, donation.

Emile Ave. 513: Bryant M. Holmes to Ariane T. McKinney, $170,000.

Felicia Drive 101: Shirley L. Vicich to Renata R. Hamburg, $132,000.

Jeffer Drive 252: TD Rental LLC to Henry E. Love, $240,000.

Sala Ave. 321: Patricia M. Davis to Eleanor E. Ronis, $178,250.

West Drive 824: Christie W. Durr to JW Development LLC, $85,000.


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