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What to know about UTSA’s $124M downtown expansion

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The University of Texas at San Antonio plans to open the first part of its downtown facility soon, but the school is already moving on the next multimillion-dollar phase of expanding its facilities in central San Antonio. The board of regents for the University of Texas school system approved $124 million in funds on November 17 to use on a new campus building along San Pedro Creek.

The cost

The board of regents approved the use of a total of $124.4 million that will be drawn from two different funding sources. Here’s what that breakdown looks like:

  • $72 million will come from permanent university fund bond proceeds.
  • $52.4 million will come from tuition revenue bond proceeds.
  • $90.5 million will go towards construction while $11 million will be used for equipment and furniture.
  • The remaining total will go towards other construction and design related fees.

The University of Texas at San Antonio’s new School of Data Science and National Security Collaboration Center sits in the recently renovated portion of San Pedro Creek downtown.

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