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What you need to know to avoid paying more

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Wendy Knowler relates the experiences of consumers who’ve found out the hard way how warranties work if a geyser bursts or leaks – on The Money Show

– A geyser burst or leak is always an unpleasant experience, but you can avoid certain warranty and insurance pitfalls if you understand the Ts and Cs

– Consumer ninja Wendy Knowler relates the experiences of two “geyser victims”

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It’s always a bit of a drama when a geyser bursts – where does one switch off the water again? Which plumber should I call?

Call the wrong person and it could cost you a LOT, warns Wendy Knowler.

The consumer journo relates the experience of two “geyser victims”.

Bronwyn ended up calling her own plumber when she found out the one allocated by her insurance company couldn’t do the necessary carpentry work on the cupboard housing her geyser, the appliance.

She says she checked if this was okay with the company’s geyser helpline and was given the go-ahead. “I assume this is all recorded.”

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However, when Bronwyn lodged a claim, the insurer rejected it because the geyser was under warranty.

When she checked with her plumber, he said “they never check whether or not a geyser is under guarantee”.

Geyser supplier Kwikot will not honor the claim as it was not handled by them.

This exercise costs the client R11 000.

While there’s no law compelling the insurer or plumber to check on the warranty situation, there’s certainly a moral obligation to spare the consumer from wasting their money comments Knowler.

On the upside, Bronwyn has the benefit of a full warranty on that new geyser of hers. When it’s a warranty replacement the replacement geyser may be brand new, but the warranty isn’t – that geyser inherits the balance of the warranty of the geyser it replaces.

Wendy Knowler, Consumer journalist

Another consumer was caught off guard when she reported a leaking geyser.

According to her policy with Outsurance she shouldn’t need to pay an excess, but was informed that the turnaround time would be slower if she claimed directly on the warranty. If she went through the supplier, it would be done within 24 hours.

In summary, if your geyser is under the manufacturer’s warranty, claim directly from them Knowler advises.

“Because in many cases, the insurer or plumber won’t tell you – it’s not in their interests to do so.”

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