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What’s “Brown Friday” and why are plumbers preparing for it?

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What’s “Brown Friday” and why are plumbers preparing for it?

SACRAMENTO — Plumbers near and far are gearing up for one of their busiest days of the year. It’s called Brown Friday.

The phrase was coined by plumbers who reported a spike in calls of broken garbage disposals and clogged or leaky pipes the day after Thanksgiving.

After a big meal, some people tend to throw things down the drain without thinking about the consequences. Some of those waste items can bind together, damage pipes and cause them to leak or burst.

Bell Brothers, a company that provides heating, air and plumbing services, said they are expecting a higher volume of calls this year. With more people feeling comfortable gathering for the holidays this year, meals will be larger and more food waste will need to be disposed of.

“Sometimes it’s a surprise, sometimes it’s just a normal process that builds up that people are aware of but have not dealt with prior to this event. It then shows up and we need to go out and take care of it for them,” senior technician Jody Tea received.

While most people know to avoid pouring grease down the drain, Tea said the three most common causes of blockages are potato and carrot peels and eggshells.

“Those are very slimy and sticky, so even though it gets chewed up, they can still clump together and they don’t flow like they should,” Tea said.

If your pipes get clogged or your garbage disposal fails, DIY work can sometimes further damage them. The best thing you can do is call a plumber.


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