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Young immigrant who helped pass in-state tuition in Arizona says she was told it was ‘not possible’

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“We had pushback from Democrats, from Republicans. In the Democrats, that this was not good enough, in the Republicans, that they didn’t want people like me to have an education,” Montoya, a leader of the Aliento organization, told Menendez. “Democrats and Republicans came together, those who were willing to put solutions forward, and right now Congress can do the same.”

“We make the impossible possible, because we listen to the voices of Dreamers, and we listen to their leadership, and not only their stories,” Montoya continued.

Young immigrants, as well as Democratic leaders, have been urging action now before Republicans take slim control of the House in January. Kevin McCarthy, the power-hungry California Republican colluding with the likes of the deplorable Marjorie Taylor Greene in order to win enough votes to become speaker, has already said that no humane immigration legislation will pass if he gets the gavel.

The Dream and Promise Act (along with the Farm Workforce Modernization Act) already passed the US House this term and will soon expire. But 10 Republicans have not stepped up to overcome the Jim Crow filibuster in the Senate. “Even if there’s no floor vote on a standalone immigration bill, it’s possible that a smaller-scale proposal could get tucked into an end-of-the-year spending package,” Politico reports.

Election 2022 is officially in overtime, with a Georgia Runoff. We must get out every last Democratic voter for Raphael Warnock. Click here to volunteer in whatever way you can.

. @ReynaEMontoya shares a message to Congress on the urgency to protect DACA and its recipients.

"People laughed in my face and they said you have to wait. This is not possible in a state like AZ. Well, take that lesson. And remember, when there's a will, there's a way."

— American Voices with Alicia Menendez (@AliciaOnMSNBC) November 20, 2022



Farmworkers from nearly a dozen states have also rallied in Washington, DC to call for relief during the lame duck session.

“Despite all the backbreaking work, the blisters and pain we face, farm workers put so much effort into ensuring that we all have our fruits and vegetables on our tables,” got Arizona farmworker Maria Yolanda Bay. “I am going to Washington DC because farm workers deserve legal status. We work so hard for this country.”

“In Arizona we have transformed trauma into hope and action,” Montoya tweeted following her appearance on MSNBC. “We’ve changed hearts and minds. I hope our nation is inspired by our youth! Forever grateful for everyone who supported our efforts @AlientoAZ. Prop 308 was possible because we listed to the strategy of our youth.” Let’s not forget that young immigrants won the DACA program in 2012 through their activism.

Want to take action to help young undocumented immigrants like Reyna? The Home Is Here campaign has set up a homepage with options ranging from calling Congress, to joining an event near you. Click here to support permanent relief for young undocumented immigrants.


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